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If your child experiences shortness of breath, tires easily while playing, or has recently suffered a chest injury, pulmonary function testing can determine whether they should receive treatment for a lung condition. At Children’s Cardiology Group in Orange, Newport Beach and Mission Viejo, California, the team of experienced, board-certified pediatric cardiologists performs pulmonary function testing to diagnose asthma, sleep apnea, allergies, and other lung disorders. To schedule an evaluation for pulmonary function testing, call the nearest location, or request an appointment through the online scheduling tool.

Pulmonary Function Testing Q & A What is pulmonary function testing?

Pulmonary function testing measures how well air moves from your child’s mouth and nose through the lungs. Through a series of breathing tests, the board-certified providers at Children’s Cardiology Group can assess lung capacity, airflow, and whether enough oxygen reaches your child’s bloodstream. Pulmonary function testing allows your provider to diagnose a variety of lung and heart disorders. If your child currently takes medication for a lung condition, pulmonary function testing can tell your provider how well the medicine is working and whether the dosage needs to be adjusted

Which conditions can pulmonary function testing diagnose?

Some of the pediatric conditions that pulmonary function testing can assess include:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Hypertension
  • Respiratory infections
  • Breathing problems due to trauma or chest surgery
  • Restricted airflow due to scoliosis or chest wall deformities
  • Sleep-related breathing problems, such as sleep apnea
  • Blood vessel abnormalities affecting the lungs

If you notice that your child can’t exercise as well as their friends, has shortness of breath or wheezing, has an ongoing cough that doesn’t respond to other treatments, snores, or has noisy breathing, pulmonary function testing may give answers about the cause of these symptoms.

What happens during pediatric pulmonary function testing?

The caring team at Children’s Cardiology Group performs pulmonary function testing in a warm, friendly environment. The providers make sure that your child understands what will happen before beginning the test and that the test won’t hurt.

The primary pulmonary function test, known as spirometry, involves a long tube that’s hooked up to a computer. Your child puts their mouth around a disposable mouthpiece at the end of the tube.

Your provider gives your child instructions about when to breathe normally, when to take large breaths, and when to blow out into the tube. The computer measures the volume and quickness of airflow during each inhalation and exhalation. It also assesses levels of gas in the air as it’s inhaled and exhaled.

In some cases, your provider may recommend additional breathing tests. None of these tests are uncomfortable or painful and these test results are available immediately.

If you have concerns about the way your child breathes, schedule an appointment with one of the trusted providers at Children’s Cardiology Group. Call the office nearest you, or request an appointment online today.


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